As an Employer



What we offer to you as an employer.

As a Third Party Administrator, we design, implement, and administer optimal retirement plans.  We review your plan with you and your team of Advisors on an annual basis both to keep your Plan in compliance with the Department of Labor and IRS, but also to make sure that as your needs change, we can recommend changes to your plan to best serve you. Because we produce your document in-house, requested amendments can be processed quickly and easily. Also, our document and administration systems are integrated, which enables us to ensure that the actual operation of the plan is in accordance with the terms of the plan document.

                We design plans to do many things at once.  Several of these include:

  1. Provide a tax preferred retirement plan
  2. Maximize the tax advantages to the limits allowed by law
  3. Design the plan to provide attract and keep valued employees


How do we do this?

  • We have an experienced staff that includes, CPAs, ERPA's, EA's, QKA's and an Attorney.  We bring over 25 years of experience to designing the best plan for you, and operating your plan correctly and efficiently.
  • Customer service! Call us, email us, drop by the office.  We’re always glad to talk with you, meet with you, and help make sure that you understand all the features of your plan and the regulations and fiduciary requirements related to your plan.
  • We dedicate a plan professional to your plan.  You don’t have to call our office and hope you get somebody who knows you.  Instead, you will be on a first name basis with a professional who is knowledgable with your plan and who can answer your questions accurately. Our clients tell us it feels less like calling a company, and more like calling a friend.