As a CPA/Accountant


We believe strongly that working well with others makes everyone’s lives easier. Working together to find the best path to our client’s success is why we exist. For years we have worked to retain strong relationships with the accountants of our clients. Having a strong team working together for the betterment of a client is a great way to design and administer the best fitting plan possible.

When a problem arises our goal is to work as quickly, accurately, and smoothly as possible with everyone working with a plan sponsor to resolve the client’s issues with the least amount of pain for all involved. CPAs need to be able to rely on top quality work from the third party administrator, and we strive for accuracy in all we do. Therefore, it is our goal to work quickly, accurately, always be available to answer questions, and to be a valued resource to all members of a client’s team.

After the client’s problem is resolved, we strive to maintain the plan in a way that keeps the plan compliant, thereby saving the plan sponsor time, effort, and money.  To do this, we maintain a staff of ERPAs, CPAs, other pension and retirement professionals, and even an attorney.  We have a history of being able to help solve the problems brought to us by potential clients and their counsel, and we strive to maintain a workforce of highly educated plan professionals to navigate the minefield of IRS and DOL compliance.